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Sunday, February 05, 2006

little girl get bigger, step four

Sage's fourth birthday is rolling around on February 14th, and we are having the usual party for her on the 18th (because we are not delusional enough to expect people to actually show up on a Tuesday which also happens to be Valentine's day!) That'll be a day before my birthday as well, so it will sort of be a joint celebration.

I say "sort of" because, you know, a Disney Princess costume party is not usually my idea of a rockin' time; but I'm actually considering wearing my entourage gown from Kate and Alex's wedding, just to go along with my Cinderella-clad daughter. We'll see how whimsical I feel on the day itself.

If you would like to get the little girl a present--you don't have to, but of course she and we would appreciate it!--here are some of the things she wants:

a wind-up music box, preferably the old-fashioned kind with a ballerina or some such twirling inside when you open it

a jack-in-the-box--yes, she has a thing about boxes lately

a game cartridge for the VSmile educational video game system, suitable for age four or five--but not the Barney, which she already has; or the Little Mermaid one, which Dean and I are getting her

the Disney Princess collapsible play tent

the Polly Pocket House of Style, City Pretty, or Sporty Style Quick Clik playset--Please don't get the Zen playset, because her Uncle Vin already has dibs on that one.

something from the Ello creation system--it's kind of like Lego, but a little more freeform. She hasn't got any of this yet, so any set is safe to get.

books, books, and more books--author preferences include Eric Carle, Leo Lionni, Richard Scarry, Dr. Seuss, and Maurice Sendak. Her mother would be particularly thrilled for Sage to get Where the Wild Things Are or Guess How Much I Love You.

any Disney Princess playset, the kind with a tiny princess, prince, and sundry accessories

the Sylvanian families otter family set, because the bunny family that lives in her dollhouse now is all dirty and unwashable!

just about anything Justice League Unlimited or Dora the Explorer. She is a huge Supergirl fan. She also likes Barbie and Disney Princesses (You may have figured that one out already), but she has a lot of these things, so it may be chancy to just pick something at random.

No more Barbies, please! Even Sage agrees that she has quite enough for now.

Thanks tons, everybody!
The title, by the way, is a little joke alluding to an early Ranma 1/2 episode.